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Over 50% of our clientele are families with loved ones in another state. As a Life Care Manager, my role is to be the "eyes and ears" for the family. I will work directly with the client and their family to create a plan of care to meet the clients needs, maintain independence and safety. 



By Your Side

Patient Advocate:

Work with providers, accompany client to doctors’ and personal care appointments. I will  advocate for client needs in all care settings and follow up on care recommendations.

Private Home Care Coordination:

Recommend home care companies, oversee scheduling and staffing. I will monitor and provide notes and updates as needed and be a liaison between the Home Care company and the family. 

Advocacy in Long Term Facilities

We serve as advocates for our clients in their "community" on behalf of a long distance family member.  We are knowledgeable of the state regulations and structure of these facilities.  Therefore, they know what to look for when visiting a facility, what questions to ask, and who to direct questions to in order to obtain the information needed to make the best decision. 

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